Grocery Items Appeal

Support Soul guests all-year round by donating essential items to the Soul Hub kitchen and pantry services.

There are many practical ways to help Soul Hub. 100% of the food Soul receives has been rescued or donated by the community. Our kitchen and pantry supplies are determined by the availability of rescued and donated goods at that time. You can help ensure that our guests receive the best quality meals we can produce by supporting our pantry and donating bulk items from the list below.


The following is an appreciation paragraph for milk, yes…. milk.

The unsung hero of Soul Hub. The crucial ingredient that features in over 80% of our dishes – and our guests love it. We need it to make them coffee, their cereal, their deserts and most of their main meals. It is essential to our operations.

Milk (preferably long-life milk) is one of the most practical and helpful ways people can support Soul Hub.

So, when you’re next walking down the aisle at the shops and see some long-life milk, consider picking one up for Soul and when you drop it off, we’d be more than happy to use a bit to make you a coffee and show you around.

Milk Update

Since this post was first published to our social media pages, we have been overwhelmed with support. We have received over 400 milk carton donations in less than 3 months!


However, whilst our supply has been incredibly increased thanks to our fellow Novocastrians, the demand has increased with it. Thank you to the individuals, schools, businesses and neighbors who are still rallying behind our milk drive and supporting Soul guests during a difficult economic time for all.