Host a Donation Terminal

Do you have a business that could host a Soul Donation Tap Terminal?

Soul is looking to partner with some local businesses that would be open to hosting a Soul donation tap terminal at their location. Whether your business is in retail, hospitality or in the corporate field, as long as you have a fixed address with electricity and internet access, we would love to partner with you!

For more information, please contact

Soul is grateful to the support and generosity of the following businesses who all host a Soul Donation Tap Terminal at their location: Cafe on King, Cafe Inu, Ka-fey Cafe, Newy Burger Co, Queens Wharf Hotel, Three Monkeys & Goldbergs

Mr. Sister Tap Terminals

Mr. Sister Coffee have proudly hosted tap terminals at both their Newcastle East and Speers Point locations since May 2022 and thanks to the support of their loyal customers they have raised $4,289 in the last 12 months for Soul! Which is huge considering the tap terminal is set at just $3 donations.