‘I Made This For You’ Charity Art Exhibition

Funds Raised: $1600

About the event

I Made This For You was a charity art exhibition raising money for Soul Hub. The exhibition opening night was held on Friday 6th October at the University of Newcastle.

The organisers had 4 main goals for the exhibition, they were:
1. Make art more affordable and accessible,
2. Raise money for a local charity,
3. Get people involved with art, and
4. Create a sense of community.

Over 100 artworks were donated to the fundraiser from artists across the Hunter, all carrying the theme of “community/home”. The aim was not for the artworks to be perfect or professional, but to just get involved with art and your local community.

Thank you to the lovely artists who donated artworks for the raffle. Please check out their pages and support them. In order from left to right in the picture below, the artworks were done by:
Stephanie Creigh
Dhiiyaan Art
Amy Charlton

Thank you as well to our amazing musicians who performed at the event, Jack Chambers and Jess Hickey.

Soul Hub would like to extend a huge thank you to the event organisers Ellie and Sophia! Thank you for making this incredible evening happen!