Andy’s Story

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Andy’s Guest Story – “this poem sort of reflects a little bit of my life”

Here comes trouble

All my life I’ve tried to be

Something that I’m not.

Getting drunk, starting fights

Running from the cops.

I was getting old and I’m wearing thin

And I can no longer hide

From the pain or the truth

That’s shows in my eyes.

I hear the whispers as I pass

People when they say

“Here comes trouble,

Here come trouble.

You’d do well to stay away.”

Well little do they realise

And if only they could see,

That you won’t find a bigger heart

Than the one that beats inside of me.

So here I go again

And I’ll do my level best

To make amends for all the hurt

I’ve caused to all my friends.

And from this point on

If you can’t see

Just who I really am,

Well that’s on you

Not on me

And we’ll leave it where it stands.