Bringing Joy through Music!

Boredom is a harsh reality faced by many rough sleepers, with limited activities available when living on the streets.


But we believe in the power of small acts of kindness to make a big difference.

That’s why we were overjoyed when one of our incredible volunteers generously donated a guitar that belonged to her son.

As a team, we pondered over who would benefit most from this precious gift. We knew that if we waited patiently, the perfect recipient would cross our path at the right time. And guess what? It happened just as we hoped!

Almost instantly, we came across a man who had to leave his home abruptly, leaving behind all his belongings. When we asked him what one thing he would have wanted to take with him, his answer was clear – a GUITAR.

In that moment, our generous donation became his, offering him a glimmer of hope in what seemed like a hopeless situation. The guitar became a source of solace and a way to express himself amidst the challenges he faced.

The volunteers son was grateful for the opportunity to bring a little bit of joy and comfort to someone’s life through the power of music. Together, we can make a difference, one small act of kindness at a time. 💙