Daracon Group

The Daracon Group have provided Soul with a Toyota utility vehicle since 2007, including covering the expense of fuel, maintenance and servicing every year.

Each week Soul Hub collects an average 408.8kg of rescued food. By the end of 2022, we had recorded 21,529kgs of rescued food, all collected by our courier team. This figure does not include donations of goods by individuals, organizations or businesses.

In 2019 Daracon upgraded the vehicle to a more recent model and the volunteer drivers are thrilled to be driving the replacement Toyota Hilux.

We are also grateful to the team at Hi-Vis who provided their graphic and vehicle signage and the corporate sponsorship of the Daracon Group to be able to personalise the ute with the name of every volunteer printed on the side panels of the ute-trays.

Thank you, to all the team at Daracon, your support of Soul is greatly appreciated without their support Soul Hub would not have the Soul Ute.