Doggy Donor

Many guests use our meal and pantry services to collect food to feed to their pet when they get home, so when we receive donations of pet food and kibble, it's a welcome sight for our guests (and their dogs).

Meet Tess, our only four-legged donor. Tess and her owner Lynette are from the PETstock Family and today they dropped off a boot load of dog food, leads and accessories for our four-legged guests (of which there are a few).

A lot of our guests have pets. There’s not a human alive that can compare to the companionship, love and loyalty of a pet and for several guests, their pets provide them with purpose. In fact, many of them only access services like Soul Hub because of their pets. I recall one guest telling me “I need my dog and it needs me, its nice to feel needed. It needs me to feed it, it needs me to walk it, it needs me to get out of bed.”

For most of our guests, their dogs aren’t considered much of a pet, but family. When no one else has the time of day for them, they can always count on their dogs to be waiting at the door with a smile and a wagging tail.

Tess and Lynette plan on donating pet food to Soul monthly and to them we say, ‘thank you’ and ‘woof’.

Meet our guests

Our guests and meeting their needs is what compels us. Soul Cafe has become a safe place, a refuge, a family. Its a place where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything is possible.


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