Larry – February, Soul Calendar

Meet our friend Larry who has been coming to Soul every day since things in his world took an unexpected turn.

“I went from having it all, earning good money, with a home of my own, and a wife of 13 years, to being homeless, lonely, cold, and hungry.” It doesn’t take much for someone to find themselves homeless these days. After spending three days without food, Larry heard of Soul, where he was greeted with a hot meal, snacks, a takeaway meal, and pantry items. He left with a full stomach and hope

“I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t found Soul.”

Larry has made huge progress since his first visit, moving mountains to turn his challenging situation for the better. He is now a part of our volunteer team, and has plans to buy a motorhome and study at TAFE to become a hospital warden.

February kindly sponsored by Port Waratah Coal Services.

Port Waratah Coal Services

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