Mark’s Journey at Soul Hub: A Path to Stability

Mark has been a familiar face at Soul Hub for over a year now. His journey here began during a time of profound loss and hardship.

After losing both his mother and his six-month-old daughter, Mark’s life spiraled into homelessness and heroin addiction.


His first visit to Soul Hub was a turning point. A conversation with a volunteer named Matt led him to temporary housing, providing a much-needed respite from the streets. As Mark started to visit Soul Hub regularly, he found more than just a meal; he found a community. He joined a SMART recovery group, receiving crucial support system in his struggle with addiction.


Life, however, continued to challenge Mark. When his temporary accommodation was nearing its end, he faced the prospect of homelessness once again. In an unexpected moment, when he was tempted to spend the $20 in his pocket on drugs, he put it into a gambling machine, hit the button to be rid of it and was about to leave, when he won the jackpot. He made a decisive choice by crossing the road and taking out a years accommodation at the hotel across the road. He wouldn’t be homeless for a year. The hotel had to get the boss, they had never had a years accommodation paid in one go. When he shared these events in his SMART recovery group he was met with silent awe and then hearty applause as the room erupted.


Yet, Mark’s path to stability was interrupted when he had to serve time for past offences. However, this period was a time of reflection, continued sobriety, and he did all the programs he could. He’s now clean and free. Mark has remained a regular at Soul Hub. He says, “You guys at Soul really saved my future and my life. Down that bad road could have been fatal health-wise and mentally.”


Today, Mark’s life is on a more stable track. He has married his childhood sweetheart, and they are expecting a child, bringing new hope after loss. Mark is now a healthier 93 kilograms and is free from drugs and alcohol. He’s also got a job opportunity. Today at SoulHub, he not only had a nutritious meal, he took the opportunity to have a haircut. He plans to bring his partner into SoulHub, as he thinks it may be good for her.

(Mark gave Soul permission to share this great story)