I started coming to Soul around 2021 when I was destitute and living out of a garage which was in an abandoned building in the CBD in Newcastle. I was feeling very low, hungry but especially feeling unwanted.

I walked past Soul one day and saw people lining up, so I asked what this was and joined the line.

The services that Soul provided me were blankets, winter clothes, meals and food to takeaway. Matt the General Manager was chatting to me, he asked about where I was living as I told him, he says let’s see what we can do, working together I got a referral to housing, and now have my unit which I am happily living in.

I would say about Soul Hub, it is one of the best services for disadvantaged people in NSW.

The volunteers and staff are so caring for us and their approach to allow people to use their services to do better for themselves is a measure of success. This is my family.

Meet our guests

Our guests and meeting their needs is what compels us. Soul Cafe has become a safe place, a refuge, a family. Its a place where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything is possible.


Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole, a guest of Soul for over 2 years who has made huge progress in her journey in a very short amount of time.

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Meet Raquel*

Raquel* has been a regular face in the dining room for the last few months now. Addiction took her home, job and family.

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Meet Brett

Brett is one of our friendliest guests. When we asked Brett why he come to Soul his simple answer is “I love it” and we love him.

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