Meet Larry

Meet our friend Larry. Larrys been coming to Soul every day for the last 9 months when things in his world took an unexpected turn and for the first time in his life, he found himself homeless.

Larry says that in over 50 years he had never found himself homeless or financially vulnerable. These days it doesn’t take much for anyone to find themselves in a vulnerable situation.

After spending 3 days without eating, Larry heard of Soul where he was greeted with a hot meal, snacks, a takeaway meal and pantry items. He left with a full stomach and hope.

Larry says Soul, “Really is a one stop shop isn’t it? It’s unreal, 5 stars, great people.”

It’s been 9 months since his first visit to Soul and he’s made huge progress. Most importantly he deserves all the credit. He’s put in the work and moved mountains to turn his challenging situation for the better. His gratitude and hope for the future inspires him to make the most out of every day and every opportunity.

Great work Larry!