Meet Nicole

Meet Nicole, a guest of Soul for over 2 years who has made huge progress in her journey in a very short amount of time.

Walking through our doors for the first time she describes feeling, “Depressed, lost, broken and desperate.” She states she was “very immature and did not know how to help myself.”

She needed food support which we were able to provide but she was surprised with Soul’s ability to “make you smile” and “make someone feel important.”

Recently, through one of our attending services, she was able to reconnect with WHO’s outreach and is making gigantic steps in transforming her life. In 2 years, she’s worked incredibly hard and is a shell of her former self, we love seeing her and sharing a meal.

She loves Soul, the meals and especially the flowers she gets from pantry!

What would she say about Soul to others? “It’s an awesome place to talk to someone who cares”.