Meet Raquel*

Raquel* has been a regular face in the dining room for the last few months now. Addiction took her home, job and family.

She was forced to battle her addiction alone, hungry, cold and living on the streets.

Unfortunately, this was not her first-time battling addiction and after years living clean and rebuilding her life, she suffered a real quick relapse, one that caught her off guard.

“I was desperate and needed help, I didn’t know where to get it from. It was a really scary time.”

She found Soul online and came to lunch. She was only really looking for meal support but through chatting with one of our floor team members we were able to identify her needs and support her with meal & pantry support, social work advocacy, access to the ‘On the Road with Soul car maintenance service and received a sleeping bag and some clothing thanks to generous community donors.

“Soul is invaluable, it’s so much more than just a meal. Soul gave me back my sense of worth. The volunteers and staff actually wanted to get to know me.”

“I was hating the world and Soul gave me hope. My situation wasn’t impacted by my age or background, just a bad choice.”