Meet Tess

An Education Consultant, Tess has been volunteering at Soul for the last 2 years. She began on a weekend shift but loves it so much that she is now also doing a weekday brekky shift.

What led you to volunteer at Soul Hub?

I was new in town and looking for connection in the community. I was also keen to give something back.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I just enjoy community and connecting with people. I like journeying with people week after week, seeing the transformation & improvement over time. It’s not always good for everyone all the time but I enjoy being there to support others when they need a chat.

What is your favorite thing about Soul?

I just love the environment at Soul and the attitude of the organization towards vulnerable people, even when things are tough they are still welcome at Soul. It really feels like something meaningful and I like the sense of community.