Meet Nettie & Bez

We haven’t come across a story quite as.. shall we say ‘unique’ as the story our newest volunteers Nettie and Bez share.

Nettie and Bez have been friends for over 5 years and view themselves as sisters. On a recent coffee trip in town, they decided to go to a place called Soul Cafe. They quickly discovered when attempting to order a 1/2 strength soy latte that Soul isn’t a traditional cafe. A situation which isn’t awfully uncommon – one of the reasons we have recently rebranded to Soul Hub.

Embodying our “everyone’s welcome” culture our floor team volunteers started talking to them and encouraged them to stay for lunch (seeing they had come all this way and all) and they absolutely loved it. They came downstairs to leave a donation for their meal, and they were then offered a full tour of Soul, which they gladly accepted and thoroughly enjoyed.

They went home and researched Soul and fell in love with the place. They came back a week later to collect a volunteer application form (one they filled out whilst enjoying another delicious Soul meal, that they also left another donation for.

Now part of our Thursday lunch service (funnily enough on tea and coffee), Nettie and Bez describe Soul as a place of “no judgement, home of guests that are lovely to work with.”

They get filled up every time a guest thanks them for a coffee and love that they get to give something back to the community.

“This cup of coffee will make your day”.