OOTS – Out of the Square Media and Soul share a special partnership that is constantly evolving.
Most organizations can only contribute services or money, rarely both. However, OOTS are unique. They are strong backers of Soul and do what they can, with what they have, when they are needed and no matter how big the task always still asks “what more can we do?”
Recently, they worked countless hours in helping tell our story and launch our Soul Hub rebrand.
They are also the brains behind the A Taste of Soul events, which thanks to their sponsorship and support is now entering its third year. Thousands of people have experienced a true ‘Taste of Soul’ through those events and have been able to have the opportunity to wine and dine with us in our dining room.

OOTS have such a heart for Soul and are still finding more and more ways to contribute to our Soul community and as we all know a little bit of Soul goes a long way…