WHY SHOULD I Sleepout for Soul on May 17 in the Bolton St Carpark? Part 1

Because Sleeping out for Soul directly supports our vulnerable Guests.

So we’d like to introduce you to our Guests

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Barbara’s Guest Story – “11 out of 10”

Life has been tough for Barbara, like it has been for many of us. In this story, Barbara didn’t so much want to talk about the toughness of life but wanted to share with others about the “11 out of 10 caring environment at Soul”.

She came to Soul Hub 4 years ago and says “I was looking for a new focus. I was told that Soul was a good place and I needed a cup of coffee & piece of cake. I was told that it was a great place with kind hearted good people who have a Soul.”

Asked what services at Soul Hub were most helpful for you?

Barbara replied “Bread, cake and the breakfast & lunch services”.

(Sometimes you just need a piece of cake, right? We make great cake at Soul!)

How has Soul Helped you?

“I have received nice clothes, a real smick wardrobe. I love Martin & Maggie. I feel like an adopted grandmother to Bambi.”

What would you say about Soul Hub?

“It’s an 11 out of 10 caring environment, full of vibrant and caring people … and Soul accepts everyone for who they are. Non-judgmental is a tick in my book. The Christmas parties are excellent. The staff are beautiful.”