WHY SHOULD you donate to Sleepout? Part 4

Because funds raised at Sleepout go directly towards supporting our vulnerable Guests.

So we’d like to introduce you to our Guests:

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Guest Story – Daniel “Getting back together with Dad”

When you first came to Soul how were you feeling?

I was high on ice and in a bad way with no hope.

Why did you come to Soul Hub?

I came for a feed. I was hungry.

How has Soul helped you?

Soul helped me with accommodation help, Soul helped me mentally and Soul helped me with all their services.

What would you say to others about Soul Hub?

They really helped me with getting clean and back with Dad. I have hope for the future. I have a job, I’m 21days clean, getting my drivers licence and starting TAFE.


Many of our guests are dealing with homelessness, housing insecurity, mental unwellness, addiction, trauma and social isolation. You gift is important to Soul and allows us to support our guests. (Soul doesn’t get government funding).

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