Meet John

John has been a part of our Soul Team for over three years however in the last 12 months his role has greatly expanded to facilitate and manage numerous Soul projects and task groups - all while still continuing his great work as the Monday/Tuesday Floor Team Leader.

He runs our ‘Convergence of Help Taskforce’, a group that’s dedicated to supporting and expanding Souls guests’ services based on the needs of our guests. He also has written and directs our Coaching@Soul Program, a program where volunteers/staff work directly with a guest over a 12-month period to identify goals and their attached obstacles, possible solutions, agreed upon actions and reflections. On top of this he is also training to become a SMART Recovery facilitator to expand the highly practical and successful program to even more individuals. It’s needless to say we keep him busy.

John’s background is in education. He climbed the education system ladder in the UK before him and his wife (who is also a Soul volunteer) followed their kid’s footsteps in moving to Australia. They were promised sand, sea and sun and they have not been disappointed.

John shares that volunteering at Soul has given him the chance to recognize and appreciate his own life while acknowledging how fragile it can be.

“My favorite stories are when guests talk about how they managed to ‘take greater control’ over their lives. I love it when guests, recognize acknowledge and celebrate their strengths, achievements and successes all while sharing a smile, joke and a few laughs.”

“I’ve learnt not to be surprised by people’s experiences, skills and adventures. Both guests and volunteers have so much to offer each other.”

He adds, “I’ve been here for just over three years, and I have enjoyed every day.”

John brings so much to our team and brings a lifetime of skills, wisdom and charisma to his roles. He is certainly a true role model to guests, volunteers and staff alike.

Meet our guests

Our guests and meeting their needs is what compels us. Soul Cafe has become a safe place, a refuge, a family. Its a place where everyone’s welcome because nobody’s perfect and anything is possible.


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