There are so many ways you can help our guests and us with your financial support, from meals to essential services to events.


In 2022, the Soul Meal and Pantry services provided 53,313 meals to vulnerable people. To produce those meals, it takes ingredients, volunteer recruitment and training, administrative support, staffing and a whole lot of operational costs.
Support Soul total meal costs:
One day meals – $942
One week of meals – $6,616
One month of meals – $28,671

Guests Support

Soul Hub is ‘more than a meal’. We offer our guests a wide range of services, including medical, mental health, social work, haircuts, and more. Many of these services are provided by volunteers, but some involve an associated ongoing cost:

Guest Laundry Service – $2,500
The Soul Laundry is a daily service for our guests sleeping rough or without proper laundry facilities. Clothing, linen and blankets are washed, dried and returned the next day neatly folded in a tough, reusable bag. This sponsorship covers costs for washers, dryers, detergents, bags and equipment maintenance.

Guest SmartRecovery Program – $5,000
SmartRecovery is an effective weekly small group recovery program for guests with drug and alcohol addictions. This sponsorship contributes to facilitator training and accreditation, group resources, tea, coffee, equipment and administration costs.


We run several major events, including Friday Chill, which, for many years, OricaNCIG and PRD Nationwide have sponsored. Soul is also looking for sponsorship for a number of key events in our annual activity cycle:

  • Sleepout for Soul (Major fundraiser) – Major sponsor $10,000 / Key supporter $4,000
  • Soul Hub Raffle (Financial or in-kind sponsorship of our major prize) – $5,000
  • The Story of Soul Calendar – Sponsor a month for $1,500
  • Friday Chill – Event Sponsor $7,000


If Soul Hub has a ‘secret sauce’, it’s our 220+ volunteers. With only one full time and six part-time staff members, we literally could not do what we do without our wonderful volunteers, so we try hard to support and appreciate them.

Help us support and appreciate our volunteers:

Volunteer Appreciation Week – $2,500
Soul Volunteer Appreciation week coincides with National Volunteer Week. It’s a week in which we celebrate every volunteer on every shift with food, gifts, certificates and special guests from our larger Soul family.

Volunteer End of Year Celebration – $5,000
The Soul Volunteer End of Year Celebration is a major Soul community event where the whole volunteer team comes together to celebrate what they achieved that year. It includes catering, entertainment, gifts, video production and a photographer. In December 2022, we held a wonderful rooftop celebration to honour our hardworking volunteers, which they’re still talking about!

Could you be a sponsor or partner?

At Soul, we love it when people or businesses partner with us. It really empowers us to make them the best they can be.

To have a conversation about event sponsorship or partnership, please contact Matt (0403 924 812 or manager@soulhub.org.au)

Meet our sponsors